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Latest findings show that 93% of professionals in the oil and gas industry are out of work, with 42% laid off and just 12% furloughed in light of the lockdown measure.

The data compiled by Broadbean Technology and job board, also revealed that 36% are looking to change careers after Covid-19.

Of those looking to leave the specialism, the main reasons cited were:

  • They consider the industry too unstable (cited by 50% of the respondents)
  • They feel they need a career change (40%).

According to Alex Fourlis, Managing Director of Broadbean Technology, these statistics paint a worrying picture for a sector that has a history of skills shortages.

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He said, “Oil and gas is one of the industries to be hardest hit by the global lockdown – it’s simply not an industry where work-from-home is possible for understandable reasons. With employees facing real uncertainty and only a handful put on furlough, it’s perhaps no surprise that so many are planning a career change as they seek some form of stability.

“While it’s impossible to clearly predict what will happen to the industry as lockdowns are eased slowly worldwide, for a specialism that has long had a problem with filling resources, the potential loss of over a third of its skills should be a concern to employers.

“These individuals will be needed once the bounce back re-surfaces, and with future talent carefully monitoring how organisations handle the crisis, the damage that’s being done to employer brands in oil and gas could have a long-lasting negative impact.”

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