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A new survey has revealed that over 4.5 million UK workers are considering relocating abroad for work.

According to the Totaljobs Hiring Trends Index, those who are looking to move overseas are mainly being driven by:

  • Having a better quality of life (cited by 64%)
  • The cost of living crisis (43%)
  • A desire to travel more (43%)
  • Better career opportunities within their desired industry (20%)

The findings also show that younger people are more likely to relocate abroad – 30% of those aged between 18-24 said that they are considering making the move, compared to:

  • 17% of those aged 25-34
  • 12% of 35-44-year-olds
  • 10% of 45-54-year-olds

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Jon Wilson, CEO at Totaljobs, commented, “Businesses continue to face a uniquely competitive recruitment landscape, with skills shortages and staff retention remaining top challenges. These trends look set to continue; particularly as younger people in particular are more likely to turn to opportunities overseas. Meanwhile, those who remain are expecting a greater degree of flexibility to work where they want. These challenges, compounded by the difficulties of hiring internationally, have the potential to exacerbate the critical drain on talent in the UK.

“In response, employers should consider their offering for international candidates and how they can compete on a global scale. That could be giving workers greater flexibility to work anywhere they want in the world or developing relocation packages to hire people currently based overseas. Of course, there are associated challenges involved at a policy level that can restrict plans, even while some businesses look to increase their international recruitment.”

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