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HMRC has named tax avoidance bosses for the first time as part of its new campaign to warn the public against getting involved with such organisations.

Adam Fathers is the director of tax avoidance promoter Saxonside Ltd, while Stuart John Brooke is behind tax avoidance promoter The Umbrella Agency Ltd.

HMRC believes that naming the people behind these schemes will ‘alert the public to steer clear of any avoidance schemes promoted by other companies with the same directors’.

Mary Aiston, Director of Counter Avoidance, HMRC, said, “Naming the people behind tax avoidance schemes is a crucial step in helping customers stay clear of current and future schemes they promote.

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“Our recent action should serve as a stark warning to promoters who think they can get away with peddling avoidance schemes. We will continue to use all the powers at our disposal to crack-down on promoters.

“Customers who think they’re involved in a tax avoidance scheme, should withdraw from the scheme and contact us for help as soon as possible.”

HMRC has now named a total of fifteen tax avoidance promoters and further names will be added to the list.

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