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Latest research shows that there are at least 50,000 disabled people who recently became self-employed missing out on government support during the pandemic.

According to the IPSE data, disabled self-employed people are also more likely to need financial support in general due to their average day rate being 12% lower than contractors who do not report having a disability.

Inna Yordanova, Senior Researcher at the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed(IPSE), commented on the findings, “This research vividly shows the cost of the gaps in the government support.

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“Many people who are missing out on government financial support are those who are likely to need it most. As our research uncovers, disabled self-employed people are likely to have lower earnings and to find it more difficult to get work at the best of times. During the Coronavirus crisis, they will be in particularly dire need: one of the worst groups for the government to leave out in the cold.

“There are actually likely to be even more disabled people missing out on government support than this research suggests, as it does not account for people who are working through a limited company. Making up about 14 per cent of the self-employed workforce, disabled people are a huge and important part of the freelancing community, who must not be overlooked in the Coronavirus crisis.”

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