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Umbrella company contractors might be interested to learn that a recent survey has revealed that aviation contractors earn on average more than their permanent counterparts.

The data, compiled by Carbon60 for its first ever aviation salary survey, found that there is a 22% difference between an average permanent (£48,608) and contractor (£59,334) wage. 

Findings show that with regards to pay, one of the best areas for an aviation contractor to work in is design, with the average take home pay being £88,737 a year.

Managing director, Paul Nolan, commented, “These are exciting times for aviation.

“Salaries are on the up and huge growth is anticipated for the coming years. Our respondents have a positive view of their employers and are overwhelmingly positive about their industry as a whole.

“Employees might be happy for now, but their companies still need to be cautious. Many professionals accept they’re in a tough role and enjoy the challenge and responsibility that it brings. But if the level of pressure continues to increase, you wonder how long it will be before people start to look elsewhere.”

Daniele Cantello is an Contract Manager for Contractor Umbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies. Learn more about Daniele on Google.

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