Category: Contractors

Vacancies remain above pre-Covid levels

APSCo: ‘Pre-Covid comparisons show that recruitment activity is still significantly above pre-pandemic levels’.

Number of temp workers continues to rise during festive period

REC: ‘They are the backbone of our economy, especially in the run-up to Christmas’.

More to solving nursing strikes than pay rises

APSCo: ‘The current inflexibility around the varied framework requirements will only continue to limit the available pool of workers, which will exacerbate both the reliance on agency staff to fill immediate gaps and budget restraints’.

Engineering rates of pay rise due to skills shortages

APSCo: ‘We’ve seen demand for engineering professionals increase steadily since June having gone through peaks and troughs in the first half of the year. Pay has also increased consistently as this demand for talent grows’.

Skills shortages driving construction salaries up

APSCo: ‘It’s crucial that the government enacts policies that will bring stability for workers, including revising policies to better recognise and support the unique needs of the highly skilled contractor labour market’.

Gen Z most likely to aspire to become their own boss

A new survey has revealed that nearly a third of UK workers have either started their own business or are considering doing so in 2023.

Active job postings remain stable

REC: ‘While the data fluctuates from week to week, new jobs postings have averaged about the same level through the year, suggesting a pattern of strong and stable demand’.

Thousands of families saved on childcare costs in September

HMRC: ‘We know childcare can be expensive so using Tax-Free Childcare can make a huge difference to household finances’.


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