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HMRC letters to GSK contractors – confusion only set to get worse, says IPSE

IPSE: “These letters are yet another example of the chaos caused by IR35. And this confusion is only set to get worse when the changes to IR35 are extended to the private sector next April.”

Employers continue to hire despite low business confidence

Employers’ confidence in the UK economy remains low, with confidence levels now at net: -26 – a fall of 1 percentage point from the previous rolling quarter.

Taking time off improves contractor’s performance

IPSE: “Freelancers must be encouraged to take more time off not only for their businesses’ sake, but also for the sake of their wellbeing and personal lives.”

Urgent need for more specialist engineering skills

The latest power outage across the UK has highlighted the growing sense of urgency to address the skills gap across electrical engineering and remote outage.

Parents have the most influence over student career choices

Research shows many parents’ views could, in fact, end up swaying students from pursuing their dream careers.

Many young people plan to become self-employed

Young women are just as determined as young men to set up their own businesses one day – 42% vs 44%, suggesting that any perceived constraints of gender are not acting as a deterrent.

Number of flexible workspaces set to grow by 56% in 2022

Many self-employed workers will choose to use flexible workspaces, with perks including food services and conference rooms; they can also help to create a better work life balance for those who would usually work from home.

Self-employed boom powered by female contractors

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) is calling on the government to take action when it comes to supporting the self-employed.


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