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Contractor Umbrella Compliance Audit

Auditors have undertaken a very thorough audit of Contractor Umbrella which aims to provide you the contractor, agency or end client with the security that the service you will receive and the processes that are undertaken on your behalf are compliant with HMRC.

The assessment included a review of detailed documentation, discussions with management and on site testing covering compliance in the following areas:

  •  Financial stability
  •  Accounting for VAT
  • The tax implications of classifying workers as employed or self-employed, including IR35 consideration if applicable
  • Compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme
  • Expenses paid to employed workers
  • Operation of PAYE and NIC on pay for employed workers
  • Management of tax risk
  • Adequacy and appropriateness of insurance cover
  • Managed Service Company legislation
  • Take-on procedures
  • Effectiveness of overarching contracts of employment
  • National Minimum Wage
  • Agency Workers Regulations
  • Pensions auto-enrolment

Contractor Umbrella are pleased to have PASSED the APSCo compliance review process and you can view our certificate here.

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