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We were interested to read the comments this week by co-founder of, Raz Godelnik – who said that more and more UK businesses in the UK are moving towards a ‘paper free’ strategy, something that will undoubtedly create demand for umbrella contractors with IT skills! According to Mr Godelnik, by adopting electronic working practises such as e-billing, a company can ‘radically improve’ its economic efficiency. But those companies must ensure that they have the right infrastructure in place before attempting to change to internet billing. So of course, as more businesses make these types of changes, they will need new IT systems – an exciting development that may very possibly lead to increased work opportunities for umbrella IT contractors. We like the sound of that.

Mr Godelnik went on to explain that companies need to ‘do more to encourage reductions in the use of paper’ and suggested that they should even go so far as to offer incentives to employees who actively make an effort to save paper. He believes that, with the right IT specialists on board, businesses in the UK can make the most of all of the different software options out there which are designed to help companies to ‘ditch paper and create wholly digitalised environments’. An example of this being some new PDF software that doesn’t actually allow you to make a printout of the document. And if it means more opportunities for umbrella IT contractors, well that’s good news as far as we’re concerned.

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