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Employer confidence is at a record high with latest findings showing short term hiring intentions for contract workers increased by four percentage points.

In the three months to June, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC)’s JobsOutlook survey revealed that employers’ confidence in their ability to hire new staff and make investment decisions was improving.

The data shows that with the economic outlook also improving, more businesses are looking to take on temporary workers in the coming months in order to help with additional workloads.

Kate Shoesmith, Deputy CEO of the REC, commented, “As restrictions have lifted over the past few months, we have seen employer confidence shoot upwards, and the confidence in hiring has reached a new record high. More importantly, this has translated into real-world recruitment activity, with more job adverts being posted and recruiters are working harder than ever to hire the right people for the right roles.

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Shoesmith added, “But a number of factors are causing serious staff shortages now. Many hirers are seeing workers feel understandably more cautious about changing jobs after such an unpredictable 18 months. Businesses will have to think hard about their offer if they want to attract staff, not just in terms of pay but also benefits, working conditions, and work-life balance. We have the opportunity to shift perceptions around flexible working once and for all and make it a positive option.

“Government and employers urgently need to join forces to create a skills system that delivers the staff the country needs. And while the uncertainty continues, we need to maintain digital Right to Work checks for UK nationals from 1st September so employers can get people into work quickly and safely.”

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