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Umbrella company contractors working within the HR sector may be interested to learn that demand for these roles rose 8% year on year to October.

Latest findings from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), which was based on analytics provided by Vacancysoft, has revealed that the number of openings per month exceeded figures from 2015 in both September and October. This is despite a minor post-referendum drop in demand.

According to the data, the top sectors for HR opportunities over the past year include:

·       Accountancy

·       Retail

·       Software & Computer Services

Ann Swain, Chief Executive of APSCo, commented on the latest report,

“Although some commentators initially expressed concerns over the outlook of short-term hiring sentiment following the UK’s decision to exit the European Union, there are certainly positive indications of growth across the HR profession. The recruitment profession in particular continues to thrive, accounting for 20% of all roles in HR, which is indicative of strength of the wider employment market.”

“It is somewhat unsurprising that demand for professionals in the HR sector has risen year on year, given the increased degree of uncertainty regarding the future employment status of vital overseas workers, and the potential impact that a vote to leave the European Union could potentially have on wider employment law.”

She added, “The level of growth experienced outside of the capital is indicative of a wider trend of businesses relocating outside of London and is also a positive sign of strength within the HR profession, with Yorkshire and the Humber, the South West, West Midlands, and East of England all experiencing year on year growth above 20%. As the nature of the function diversifies and HR professionals become increasingly valued for their strategic insight, it’s likely that demand will continue to rise.”

Daniele Cantello is an Contract Manager for Contractor Umbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies. Learn more about Daniele on Google.

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