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Production, HR, construction, accounting and marketing are the top five sectors that fear for their job security because of AI.

The survey, carried out by, questioned over 2,300 British workers aged 18 and over as part of an ongoing study into Briton’s work life.

The percentage of people in the top five sectors that believed their jobs could be made obsolete to AI were:

  1. Production (71%)
  2. HR (63%)
  3. Construction (44%)
  4. Accounting (40%)
  5. Marketing (34%)

George Charles, a spokesperson for, commented on the findings, “AI is becoming more advanced as time goes on, and there are already examples of it being used to do something a human used to do.

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“An example of this is a number of publications using AI to write post-match reports following sporting events. It is absolutely mind blowing and impressive to think how intricate the programming has to be to accurately replicate the work of a human but it is also understandable why some people are concerned for their future job security.

“The jobs that could be most at risk are the ones that have a certain level of repetition, but I do think there will be guidelines introduced that will help in protecting people’s careers from complete AI takeover.”

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