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According to a recent survey, as many as two-thirds of workers are using the Covid-19 crisis to re-evaluate their career.

The research, compiled by Totaljobs, found that 19% of those not currently working due to the virus are using this time to plan, search for and find a new career in a different industry to the one they currently work, or worked, in. Those considering a career change by working in a different industry are driven by a desire to learn new skills or challenge themselves (51%), gain a better work-life balance (43%) or have increased job security (32%).

Overall half of UK workers (50%) expect they’ll make a career change within the next two years, equating to nearly 16.6 million workers switching industry in that time.

Of course, some workers have already had to make a career change out of necessity. For example, seven per cent of people have already started work in a different industry, after being displaced due to Covid-19. Of these, (67%) believe the skills they already had were of use. As a result, the same number believe they now have a better understanding of the value of their skillset.

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Jon Wilson, CEO of Totaljobs, commented, “Industries including social care, logistics, IT, retail and engineering have seen a surge in demand for staff as a result of Covid-19. The need to adapt to the current situation means many businesses have had to speed up their recruitment process and quickly train new staff up so they can begin work. By tapping into new talent pools from industries full of workers with transferable skills, businesses are more likely to see new staff hit the ground running.

“However, not all businesses are in a position to hire at the moment. For those who have put recruitment on pause, it’s important to properly communicate with your employees and do what you can to support them. A third of people say their perception of their employer has changed based on their response to Covid-19, with 1 in 4 feeling more loyal to their company as a result.

“Covid-19 has changed the game for now but in the future, businesses will need to continue plugging skills shortages and think outside the box when it comes to hiring. By looking out for transferable skills rather than a certain amount of experience in your industry, employers will find fresh talent with new perspectives who also have the relevant skills for success.”

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