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Latest ONS data has revealed a strong demand from employers, with temp workers helping businesses while labour availability is running low.

Commenting on the recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) labour market report, Neil Carberry, Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), said, “Today’s data shows businesses and candidates are reacting to the economic situation, but the overall picture remains one of strong demand from employers.

“With employment and unemployment both rising slightly, and economic inactivity dropping a little, it may be that the long period of growing inactivity through the pandemic is ending.”

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Neil added, “That would be good news for incomes for people returning to the labour market and for economic growth. There is still a lot to do to turn the trend around – employment is still well below pre-pandemic levels, and inactivity well above them.

“The number of temporary workers continued its recent rising trend – over 1.6 million temps help keep the country on the road, meeting employer needs at a time when labour availability is tight. They are the backbone of our economy, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

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