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A recent survey has shown that over half of female professionals in the UK believe that their gender has had a negative impact on their career progression.

This is according to the ‘Gender Equality in the Workplace’ global survey of 2,500 employees carried out by professional services recruiter Morgan McKinley.

Interestingly, men and women seem to have a very different idea of gender equality in the workplace. For example, 63% of men feel that their current employer does do enough to ensure gender equality, however, just 32% of women felt the same way.

Despite this, 61% believe that there is more gender equality at work compared to five years ago.

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Darren Burns, operations director at Morgan McKinley UK, commented on the findings, “The route to both achieving gender equality in the workplace, and ensuring those within businesses feel there is a commitment to this, is a deep-rooted issue which is clearly still some way off from being completely rectified.”

He added, “This research suggests companies have progressed, but it’s worrying to learn that there isn’t a level playing field in terms of equal career development opportunities. How can we ever solve an issue that involves different parties if one side does not believe there is a problem, or only sees it as a minor issue, while the other side perceives it as a large, continuing problem?”

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