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A new survey has revealed that nearly 60% of UK workers are looking to take on a side hustle in order to supplement their current job.

The CV-Library report found that of those planning on having a side hustle in 2023, they were mainly driven by job security (cited by 62%) and being able to earn more money (38%).

The report suggested that with the success of the recent four-day working week trial, many employees may take advantage of this extra day (should their place of work adopt the new changes) and use it to concentrate on earning extra money.

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Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library, said, “As the economic uncertainty looks set to continue, it’s understandable that so many employees are considering new ways to supplement their income while prioritising their job security.”

“With unemployment levels at record lows, supporting employees’ side hustles could boost staff loyalty and help retain key talent. However, there are grey areas that businesses need to be mindful of, particularly for those operating a four-day week.

“The benefits of increased motivation, productivity levels, and mental health along with reduced sickness levels could be counterproductive if staff are dedicating their downtime and attention to a side hustle.”

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