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Umbrella company contractors might be interested to learn that a recent survey has found that as many as 85% of professional recruitment leaders have confidence in their business growth.

The research, taken from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies' (APSCo) 'Growing Together' report comes as positive news as an increase in growth could very well result in more opportunities for highly skilled contractors.

In response to the data, APSCo’s chief executive, Ann Swain, commented on the findings, “These findings confirm what we have long suspected – that access to great talent is both crucial for growth, and an ongoing concern for the professional recruitment sector. Staff churn and access to CPD opportunities can have a negative impact on productivity, and having the right people ‘on the bus’ is the most important single factor in driving business success.

“It is unsurprising that the impact of Brexit is being felt by the professional recruitment sector. However, it is encouraging that business leaders are pre-empting possible consequences so that they can flex and adapt in response. We may well see a drop in permanent vacancies, and a subsequent uptick in contract roles, but professional recruiters are nothing if not resilient, and the most successful businesses continually respond to market demand.”

Daniele Cantello is an Contract Manager for Contractor Umbrella Ltd, one of the UK’s Most Respected Umbrella Companies. Learn more about Daniele on Google.

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