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Recent research has revealed that the number of people deciding to leave their permanent jobs to pursue and make money out of a hobby or passion has increased considerably in recent months.

The report, carried out by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) and YouGov, found that as many as one in ten Brits have left their jobs to become a ‘funtrepreneur’ – someone who turns their passion for a hobby into a money-making career.

According to the findings, those who have followed the ‘funtrepreneur’ route expect to make an average of £22,594 in their first year of working, with many predicting this figure to rise to £33.845 within five years.

Data revealed that these individuals currently contribute a collective £165 billion to the UK economy.

Alasdair Cavalla, senior economist at Centre for Economics and Business Research, commented, “We were fascinated to find that a clear majority of microbusinesses were set up by people passionate about their sector or product. Many small, dynamic businesses may never have been set up were it not for people taking this risk to pursue work that they care about.

“The economic benefits don’t stop at the founding of the business – compared to whole-economy averages, we found clear evidence of fewer sick days, higher productivity and greater job satisfaction among people following their passion.”

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